A non-profit, registered charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of farmed animals in need on 130 acres of beautiful land just 20 minutes north of Byron Bay, Australia.


On 28 February 2022 we were inundated by a catastrophic “once in a 1000 years” flood.

The 60 metre wide raging torrents that tore through our little slice of paradise washed away our roads, our shelters, our cars, and destroyed our hay store.

Like everyone in our region, we had no electricity, no phone reception or wifi. Being without power at our off-grid sanctuary means that there is no access to running water. And the toilets were also blocked due to the deluge and mudslides making the septic system unoperational.

But with the tireless help of some amazing volunteers, we started to repair and rebuild.

And then the unthinkable happened….

Exactly 4 weeks later we were battered, yet again, by a huge amount of very heavy rain and cyclonic winds causing further damage to the land that we are the custodians of and to our infrastructure.

During both floods the Sanctuary was totally cut-off for days.

The huge volume of water caused damage of over $130,000 (this does not include our cars or personal belongings):

– our access into the Sanctuary has been so badly damaged that we currently have no vehicle access in or out

– 2 of our internal roads have washed away cutting off 2 of our paddocks

– 100’s and 100’s of metres of fencing is gone

– shelters have been swept away

– our entire hay store is gone

– feed and water troughs were swept away

– other animal housing is gone

– we have 5 large landslides on the land, creek bank collapses and severe erosion to the remaining roads

– our massive dam is gone …. it’s now full of rocks and rubble!!!!

Unbelievably, all of our precious residents survived both floods. We will forever be grateful for this!

If you would like to help us get back on our feet please consider making a tax deductible donation, buying something from our store, or volunteering. (click on the buttons above)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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