Owl & PussyCat Tales

$10.90 / month

A beautifully illustrated, snail-mail letter that carries stories of the Sanctuary straight to your letterbox…told by a different rescue resident every month.

Suitable for all ages, these collectible letters are educational, affordable, interactive and fun.  They are a unique and accessible way to support our rescue family and for you to be part of their journey.

Plus every letter includes a FREE postcard.


Do you remember the anticipation and excitement of receiving a personally addressed letter in the post?  We rarely get to enjoy this experience in our digital age.

So why not give the gift of adventure and discovery, and create childhood memories with these beautifully crafted monthly stories.

These hand-addressed, collectible letters will ignite your imagination and transport you to our animal paradise where every resident has a unique personality and story to tell.

You will hear from a different resident each month as they take you on a journey to our sanctuary by the sea. Does a unicorn really live here? What is Sarah the duck ALWAYS chatting about? And where is Peppi the calf’s favourite hiding spot?

Every letter is double-sided and also includes a FREE postcard featuring stunning photos of our animal family for you to share with your friends.

All proceeds go directly to supporting our rescue residents and our ongoing rescue work.

We can post these special stories anywhere around the globe. But if you’re worried that your letter won’t arrive in time for someone’s gift, we have a solution! We will email a beautiful e-card that you can gift to them on their special day (or we can email it directly to your lucky friend/loved one). If you have any questions, please drop us a line: hello@owlandpussycatfarm.com.au

So give a gift-that-keeps-on-giving and collect the set.

(p.s. You can cancel your letters at any time.)


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